Monday blues…


It was a difficult day to get out of bed! While snuggled up in our warm bed this morning we could hear the rain pounding down outside. I imagined myself to be in Bali or Costa Rica-miles away from reality. My husband sleepily suggested we both call in sick and enjoy the day together. Tempting as it was to enjoy the sound of the rain and stay wrapped up in his arms, I knew I had to break the spell and get out of bed to get ready for work. He reluctantly got up as well. We both did not want to go to work but had to-responsible adults!!

A frozen pizza that is actually delicious!

A frozen pizza that is actually delicious!

We hastily got ready (due to pressing the snooze button a few times), had a quick bite to eat, and both made our way to our respective jobs. I felt a bit bad as I definitely looked a bit like I rolled out of bed today. Getting those decent work clothes is still on my list! Got through the day…felt a bit of the Monday blues today but now that it is evening, they have passed. On such days, cooking is not on my list of ideal ways to spend my evening so I turned to frozen food!!! I do not usually eat frozen meals but there is one fabulous pizza that I rather enjoy. I first tried it in Georgia when desperate for some home style pizza (the local pizza is not the same!) and came across it here a few weeks ago. Now, whenever my husband and I do not feel like cooking-and also feel like pizza-it is our choice. I have never enjoyed any other type of frozen pizza. This one, I recommend! Bon appetit!


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