Work, zombies, and country music TV series…


Ah, Saturday! Thank goodness! This week was very busy at work and flew by. Finding work life balance is something I have on my list as an area of focus. At my job, it is very easy to get sucked in and put in heaps of extra hours. One of my coworkers puts in several extra hours on a daily basis which is a bit alarming. In the last while, I often have come in on one of my days off to attend a meeting, finish up work, or catch up, or get things in by the deadline. Luckily, I have been able to find some balance as I only work 4 days per week so if I come in on a day off, I leave early a few days a week to pay myself back for my time. This works for me but recently my boss approached me about the possibility of adding extra hours each month which may result in losing my 4 day work week. I suppose we will have to see what happens but I know myself and I know I like some flexibility so in the next while I am going to work a bit extra each day here and there to store up some banked time. This way, when I am not feeling my work or just need a mental health day, I will be able to do so without losing pay (I do not get sick days until after probation in April!). That is my work life balance plan for now.

Anyways, enough about work! It is Saturday! I have not been writing much in the last while but things are going quite well. Spring is just around the corner-I can tell as my dog is shedding and the sun is peaking out more and more. Even my husband, who always says he loves winter and rain, said he missed the sun and was happy when it made an appearance in full force this week. During all these past rainy and cloudy days, we have been keeping busy by becoming obsessed with the TV series WALKING DEAD. I am not a fan of zombies and stories about them taking over the world but my husband, through Xbox games (?), is. He saw an ad on AMC for the series and mistook it for a movie. Through the power of the internet, we found the show online and gave it a chance. Since then, we have become hooked (mostly due to the cliff hangers which force you to watch another episode and because of the well developed characters). Now, unfortunately, we are all caught up in all the past seasons so have to watch the show on TV each Sunday with everyone else. Shows are much better when you can watch a few together at once and do not have to wait a year for the next season! It is painful for my husband to wait each week which is very amusing. I love the fact that he is watching TV and movies in English and is able to follow along. A year ago, this would have been impossible.

Zombies aside, another show I have been watching has been NASHVILLE. I would not have expected to like such a show but it is quite entertaining and an interesting glimpse into the world of music that I have no knowledge of. I definitely would be interested in checking out this city now and I love a lot of the music in this series. I have included two clips below. I have always just loved the Johnny Cash song Ring of Fire! 


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