My true colour is ORANGE!


Recently, through work, I had the opportunity to learn more about myself (and ideally my work style!) by participating in a True Colours workshop. As some of you may know, this is a test one does online to better understand one’s personality. The test calculates the results and expresses them by placing individuals in one of 4 colour groups: blue, gold, green, or orange. Of course, everyone will have elements of all the colours but typically the colour with the most points would be one’s brightest colour and reflect the dominant personality this individual has. The test also measures introversion and extroversion.

My results rather surprised me at first but after participating in the workshop and chatting with other ‘oranges,’ I have realized I am definitely an orange. However, I think earlier in my life I would have been a blue. As I grew older and developed my own perspective, things changed. To make this all make sense, I suppose I need to write a bit about the colours themselves! Blue reflects individuals who are people-oriented, authentic, supportive, empathetic, sensitive to others, and enjoy creating cohesive environments. Gold individuals are organized, responsible, loyal, prepared, and respect rules and authority. Green individuals are those who are logical, rational, inquisitive, emotionally self controlled, strategic, and improvement oriented. Finally, orange individuals tend be seeking change and variety, are independent, generous, action-oriented, take initiative, and are open and non-judgmental. After doing the test, orange was, by far, my brightest colour.

My brightest colour!

My brightest colour!

Oranges like to produce results, lead and motivate others, negotiate and improvise, respond well to emergencies, and are jack of all trades types. I must admit, that these are some of my strengths. As a Gemini, I feel many Gemini characteristics also apply here and to myself. Potential weaknesses, according to this assessment, are being impatient with theory and long explanations, being pushy and confrontational in seeking a decision, impulsive, bending rules to get things done, and being lax with details. Needs for oranges are being independent and free, seeing results, challenge and variety, and freedom of expression and control over how they get the job done.  I must say these needs were not being met at my last job and I HATED it there.

It is always interesting to learn more about yourself. Of course, not everything applies to everyone as we are all also shaped by past experience, culture, world view, religion, people in our lives, and so much more. Tools like this, however, do give one an opportunity to take some time to reflect further on oneself which can lead to valuable insights.


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