Ski resort village…


This past weekend was a great one. First of all, my husband had his birthday (he is an Aquarius and I am a Gemini-a perfect astrological match if you believe that kind of thing!). We enjoyed a low key celebration-just the two of us-by going out for dinner followed by his favourite chocolate swirl cheesecake. We took some extra time off work this weekend to relax from our stressful work-filled lives and because I wanted to give my husband a deeper taste of winter. He loves snow so we decided to take a road trip to the world famous (and expensive!) ski village of Whistler, BC, where part of the Olympics were held in 2010. Visiting a ski resort was also one of the many things remaining on my list.

Did not turn out well in this photo but Whistler Village at night is a wonderland!

Did not turn out well in this photo but Whistler Village at night is a wonderland!

My husband enjoyed the atmosphere and the snow. We roamed about the village and enjoyed watching some impressive ski related entertainment. Snowmobiling will be on the list for next time. Whistler was also where the Georgian luger from Bakuriani died before the Olympics started. We did not visit the memorial during this visit but will do so in the future. I have been to Bakuriani and it is strange at times how small the world can be. In the evening we went for drinks and dinner on a COLD patio while the Superbowl played on loudspeakers and on giant tvs. All in all-a great birthday weekend!

This last while has been turning out to be pretty good. I am seeing many positive changes in my husband’s life and attitude-and in our relationship. One development is that he has been making friends! As you may recollect from a previous post, I was concerned about him being socially isolated as he has been very resistant to new people so far (even local Georgians!). However, in the last while he seems to be building one great friendship and progressing with another. This is a great sign-as life for him can only improve with friendships.


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