Random thoughts after Anna Karenina…


I used to love watching movies but have not had much time in the last while. Years ago, I would just stroll down the aisles at the local video store and pick up random items-from superhero blockbusters to strange foreign films I had never heard of. I would watch a few movies each week. The other day, I turned to the internet to find a new world to lose myself into. Nothing like a good movie to forget about all one’s own problems and worry about someone else’s problems! The movie of choice for this was the 2012 film adaptation of Anna Karenina.

The book is a work in itself, and daring to create a film based on it, is a whole other kind of challenge I am sure. I did not love this film but had to watch it anyways. The style was different and a mix of annoying at times and fun at times. I can be a bit of a traditionalist with classics, I suppose, but I guess you have to keep things fresh to keep the attention of today’s viewers. The most difficult thing to deal with was the actor chosen to play Vronsky-not what I would imagine him to look like at all… ah well, it is the film industry. I have always hated the relentless Vronsky and this one was the easiest to hate for some reason. What caught my attention was when Countess Vronsky says to Anna on the train in the film, ‘But I’d rather end up wishing I hadn’t than end up wishing I had-wouldn’t you?’ Words of wisdom…? In some cases.

I read this novel one summer a few years ago and it is heavy at times (unlike the film) but truly a worthy read. The agricultural and social reform themes (as well as many other things) are glossed over in the film but interesting in the book. You all will have to read it-I won’t get into it. I have always wanted to make my way over to Russia but have been deterred by a lot of elements (don’t get me started!). However, my husband’s uncle in St. Petersburg has invited us many times for a visit so perhaps the perfect time and opportunity is coming up soon. It is always a great bonus to have a local on your side when abroad. We will eventually make our way there but currently I am a bit weary of the government and its policies. Again, I won’t get into it!


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