Simple pleasures…

Simple pleasures!

Simple pleasures!

Someone gave me a few ill fitting shirts for Christmas which I traded in for two more appropriate work shirts for my husband-leaving me 12$ in store credit. I used the 12$ to purchase 4 bottles of 50% off cheap nail-polish  Despite not being the biggest fan of nail-polish  I have, so far, tried the purple and the orange-and rather enjoyed it! Before these 4 bottles, I only had two bottles of nail-polish-one pink and one red which I usually only use on my toenails. Both are gifts from the spouse-one from Cairo’s City Stars Mall in Heliopolis and the other from a store in Istanbul. So, while I have these new colours in my possession, I will try to use them and enjoy the simple pleasure of more colour in my life.

Another simple pleasure-as well as something on my list of 30-was obtaining a perfume that I liked. I had put Ange ou Demon by Givenchy on my Christmas list and was pleased to receive it from my husband (he listened to my hints!!!). It took a half hour of smelling various perfumes one afternoon to determine that this one was the one for me. I have been enjoying it in 2013 so far.


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