The book update


It has been a bit crazy so I have not had a chance to list off the books I have been reading. Below is a quick summary!

The widower’s tale by Julia Glass-A nice book about a gentleman dealing with his two daughters, his grandson, a new girlfriend, and a preschool opening on his property. An easy and enjoyable read.

Say you’re one of them-by Uwen Akpan-A collection of stories about children’s lives in Africa. Some stories were better than others but all were moving and often absolutely depressing. Definitely made me reflect on the state of the world, appreciate my life, and wonder what can I do to make this a better place?

jezebelJezebel by Irene Nemirovsky-I think I have now read all of this author’s books. I am always intrigued by her portrayal of the lifestyles of the wealthy during this time period. A few despicable characters are always a main theme which seem to be based on her mother according to the introductions in her books. This one was a disturbing book.

A far country by Daniel Mason-I thought this book would be different than what it turned out to be. A rather depressing drawn out story about the life of a young girl in an unnamed country. The first half was more interesting than the second half.

Leaving Earth by Helen Humphreys-This book gave me an unexpected glance into the world of an aviatrix in 1930’s Toronto. It also provided a sense of what Toronto was like during these years. Interesting book but a bit slow.

Beasts of No Nation by Uzodinma Iweala-This book is about a young boy becoming a child soldier in Africa. A brutal book that everyone should read. Again, a chance to reflect on the state of the world and wonder how one can make a difference. Sometimes such topics can be overwhelming and depressing but they are definitely not to be ignored.


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