New Year’s Eve


One of the things on my list was to make sure that New Year’s Eve was a decent night. Amid all the chaos, I have not had a chance to write about it so I wanted to take some time to write now. Last year was fantastic as my husband and I were wining and dining in Cairo while on holiday in Egypt. We were over the moon happy. Considering the circumstances this year with our marriage possibly falling apart, it was actually not too bad at all.

My husband and I had been separated only a few days and were both emotional wrecks. We did not plan to spend the evening together as we needed the distance so early after the traumatic breakdown. Considering what a big deal the occasion is in his country, I decided I could not let the holiday pass in such a depressing way. So, I got dressed up and decided to surprise him at his hotel. He was moved beyond words and both of us healed just a little bit right then and there.

We shared a bottle of strawberry infused sparkling wine while catching up and then went for a late night snack at a wood oven pizzeria. As we drove back to the hotel, we turned on the radio to a local news station and listened to the countdown. As 12am struck, we shook the cheap noisemakers I had bought earlier from the dollar store and lit a few sparklers each in our 2013 cheesy gold hats. Back at the hotel, we watched a horrible movie about crocodiles in a lake and went to bed. It was not the most spectacular night but it sure felt like something special. Who would have guessed it was possible?


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