The tree is up-let the relaxing begin!

¨Strange peacock ornaments-for my mother who comes from the village named after peacocks.

¨Strange peacock ornaments-for my mother who comes from the village named after peacocks.

Although I am enjoying my new job, I am looking forward to wrapping up this week and relaxing for a full 5 days during Christmas. After that, I only work 2 days and then have another 4 days off! If only we had more opportunities for such breaks throughout the year!! This break is just what I need. In that last while, I have been reflecting on lifestyle in the west. My husband constantly struggles with western culture and brings it to my attention. He often mentions how he looks forward to going back to the Republic of Georgia where he can ‘relax’. He describes to me days of hanging out and spending time with friends-and just seeing where the day takes them. Although I enjoyed this leisurely lifestyle while I was there, I think it would also drive me a bit crazy in the long term as I am an active doer and not the best relaxer. However, the next while, I am looking forward to taking it easy.

Winter wonderland-en route to the ski hills.

Winter wonderland-en route to the ski hills.

As per my list of 30, obtaining my own Christmas tree was a priority this month. My husband surprised me one evening by bringing home a fresh one when he went out to pick up some garlic for a Georgian dish. I was very excited as all my past and childhood trees have been plastic. The very next day, we set it up in the formal sitting room. The decorations are a bit of a mix from years past but the end result was very cute and Christmassy. My parents were also quite impressed as they have been detached from the holiday this year. I feel the Christmas spirit or energy is finally reaching our family. I admit I have never been the biggest fan of this holiday but a complete abandonment-as it seemed was happening with all my family members this year until I took control-is not what I want either. I realize one has to create their own happiness and celebrating occasions and the small things is a great source of joy.

Earlier this week we also took a drive up the mountain to check out the ski hills. It brought winter to life as the climate is fairly mild where we live with snow being rare. The rain is endless, however. The ski hills look in great shape and I plan to take my husband in the next few weeks. Although skiing exists in places such as Bakuriani and Gudauri in Georgia, most Georgians have not tried it out. Next time we return, I would love to go skiing in these locales!


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