Getting into the Christmas spirit…or at least trying to


I haven’t been the biggest fan of Christmas in a few years. I am not sure why but the last few years it lost its shine and I found it to be an annoyance rather than a joyous time. This year, however, I have decided I am going to get into it. Not only because having my own Christmas tree is on my list, but also because it will be a special experience for my husband who has not experienced a North American Christmas yet. They do celebrate Christmas in his country on January 7th according to the Orthodox calendar-but it is an entirely different experience!

We spend yesterday putting up our lights and shopping. Most of the people on our gift list are now checked off but a few remain. My iPod now has my favourite Christmas music which I played as I wrapped the gifts in shiny paper- and the only thing remaining is putting up our tree which we plan to do this week. My husband enjoyed the idea of the gift exchange and was touched when a parcel arrived from my sister and her husband in the southern states.

Christmas used to be a big occasion in my household but because of our family dynamics the last few years, it took a serious downturn. Since I will have a whopping 5 days off to celebrate the holiday, I feel almost as if I have to celebrate it so I may as well make a good effort to give my husband this experience. The only challenge is not being able to control the dysfunctional family!! Here is the plan (a bit minimal but these are things I am honestly willing to take on to mark this holiday):

  • Put up the Christmas tree
  • Buy everyone gifts and wrap them prettily
  • Decorate the home
  • Prepare a special Christmas meal
  • Christmas Day skating at the community centre
  • Considering those less fortunate by donating food to the Food Bank
  • Spending time with family and friends

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