Slipping and sliding…


This weekend my spouse and I went skating. I have not attempted this activity for about 10 years but it turns out, I was not bad at all. Sliding around the rink with Jingle Bells in the background was great and lifted my spirits. The only problem is that I have never learned to stop so I either slow down naturally or bump into the walls in order to stop. The other problem I have is that I find skates uncomfortable and the last few times have had some bad foot cramps on the rink which require me to take a break. I will have to find a solution for that as my husband, who has never been skating before, has decided he is a fan.

As we all know, all new skaters slip and slide and take a few falls. Despite this, the hubby was a great sport and did his best to learn the technique. It was nice to see and hear people encourage him and tell him he was doing great. He even did a few dance moves on the ice and tried not to be envious of the brats whipping around at breakneck speed. Despite all the falls, we had a fun afternoon and plan to go again. Next time we are in Georgia, we can show off to all his friends!  In my extensive travel throughout his country, we only noticed one rink which happens to be in our city but I do not think I ever saw it open. We will have to work on this!

After the skating session, we stopped off at our favourite Italian restaurant and enjoyed salad, piping hot pasta, and garlic bread. Yummy! It was a perfect Saturday afternoon. The big lesson I learned, however, is that we both need to start having more fun together. I feel like the focus all last month for both of us was on work and that is not the life we want.


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