Last night: Winning at Blackjack


Last night was Saturday and I was sick with the flu! The sore throat faded away with the afternoon and I felt better after lounging in bed and napping through the afternoon. By evening I was much better and not tired at all. My husband proposed a date night as it had been awhile so off we went to one of his favourite Italian restaurants-only to find it was closed. Plans derailed, we ended up at a local franchise and made the best of it.

Afterwards, we wondered what we should do as it was a bit late and as he did not have to work until late the next day and I had it off. We decided to head to a nearby casino (being open 24 hours shocked me when I first learned about this world but now nothing in this realm shocks me). Considering the situation with my mother, I have been a bit turned off by gambling this last while. Table games are different for me but when I look at those on the slot machines I admit I cannot help but judge them a little as lost souls. We looked for her and were happy she was not there. We are responsible gamblers and know when and how to walk away. We are comfortable with participating in this activity but not sharing it with anyone who has an addiction as we would never want to encourage them. I know personally how devastating and horrible a gambling addiction is. To learn more about problem gambling visit

We found a blackjack table we liked and bought in. I ordered myself a strawberry margarita hoping we could stay in the game for at least awhile as you can lose everything in minutes! We also make sure to only play with what we are willing to lose. Blackjack is my game and I refuse to learn any of the others as I do not want to get further involved in this world. My husband asked me to teach him it when we were dating and I hesitated greatly before finally agreeing as I have seen perfectly reasonable people fall into addiction. He has come a long way as the only way to really get it is to actually play. Luckily, he also has self control but my presence also helps!

Last night we turned our 60$ into 300$ and walked away while we were still doing well. This is the key although it is difficult to master. At one point we were down to only $5 of our budget but made our way back up with some luck. One of the things on my list of 30 was to play blackjack and win and although this was already done, I had not mentioned it in a post so here it is! Today is Sunday and I plan to bake my famous homemade pizza for when my husband gets home from work and then put on a movie. One has to avoid the siren call of the casino as often when people win they go back again and again until they lost their initial win and more. Moderation and self control is all I can recommend. Enjoy responsibly as it definitely is enjoyable.


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