A November day in the life or something like it


I just wolfed down an Aero chocolate bar. It really is not my favourite chocolate but I was in desperate need of some chocolate therapy. Today has not been a good day so far. From missed appointments, spousal disagreements that have the power to irritate for an entire day, to crows ripping the garbage to shreds while it is out on the curb for the garbage man (and then having to pick up the mess before it all blows off down the street in all directions!), everything has been a pain. All of that, mind you, happened before I got to work! Work was tolerable other than trying not to let on that I have a sore throat and impending flu. I refuse to get the flu shot. I have never gotten the flu shot and do not want to start.

Two more days to go until the weekend! Thank goodness. In November, I live for weekends. This week I have had to work 5 entire days due to missing a day last week-the horror! Ha ha ha. Next week I will be back to my 4 day week-taking a day off midweek makes a work week feel like a breeze and I am thankful I have such a schedule. How will I ever go back to 5 days?

Now, I am finally home and I wolfed down some delicious leftover rice and aloo mutter paneer and treated myself to catching up on my trashy reality TV shows-my other guilty pleasure (the first one is reading Susan Miller’s monthly horoscope at http://www.astrologyzone.com). I don’t watch everything under the sun-who has the time?!-but I always catch up the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Beverly Hills, and Miami. I have had my binge and feel a bit more relaxed and no guilt at not having done any physical exercise other than what came up naturally in the day. I also have no intention of doing anything other than transferring the laundry into the dryer and then going to bed.

November is my least favourite month and I am often a grump at this time-this is one of those November days that make me groan. On the positive side, I was surprised to see that people are somehow coming across and visiting my little blog. The exciting part is that they are from all over the world including Russia, the United Kingdom, India, Japan, and the US and Canada. Of course, they could just be clicking by mistake and run away once they read a few lines but I hope someone has made it through at least one post! It is nice to see some visitors are on here as I am trying my best to keep up the blog for a year as per my list of 30 things and visitors definitely inspire. Alright, good night to all.


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