Lazy Sunday


It is raining outside. What else is new? The November rains have been constant as usual and I have lost all desire to get out of the house. Instead, I spent this Sunday morning baking a chocolate pecan pie to enjoy with my sister, who is coming for a visit this afternoon, and I plan to read the rest of the day away.

Sometimes one needs to escape the real world. The news has been grim this morning: more intense air strikes in Gaza, slaves held captive in a grocery in Moscow (and the police knew for years!), school bus crash in Egypt, NY bomber sentenced to life in prison, ex-Mexican mayor found beaten to death, the French marching in the tens of thousands against gay marriage and adoption, and so on and so on. I always feel a need to know the news and be aware but sometimes the news can make you feel helpless and distant. Novels, on the other hand, often can make you feel closer and included.

Here is what I have been reading in the last while:

Ines of my Soul-Isabel Allende

I love this author. All the books I have read of hers are great and involve strong female characters. In this particular plot, the character is a woman who is instrumental in the colonization of Chile. Life in the colony-any colony-must have been brutal. ines

The Hundred Foot Journey- Richard C. Morals

I enjoyed this book about an Indian born boy who moves to France and becomes a celebrated chef. The topic of food was different for me and the human story beneath was the most enjoyable element of this book.

We had it so good-Linda Grant

This book is a bit like the next one I mention. Life sometimes just creeps up on you. Marriage-how people get together and stay together is also interesting. I wonder if everyone wonders what life would have been like if they had made a few different choices.

The Love of my Youth- Mary Gordon

First love can sure do a number on people! Well, this book is about a couple who met in high school and were together throughout university. A betrayal and then the relationship ended. Fast forward 40 or so years and they connect for a few weeks in Rome. I did not like the book at first but it grew on me a bit more as it progressed. I feel a bit bitter and think I need to make some firmer plans for my life.


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