A picture is worth a thousand words…


A picture is worth a thousand words but today I definitely have fewer than that. I do, however, want to share some random pictures (not that I took these all in the last while). I will hold off on including my thoughts, as hard as it is, so viewers can enjoy and relate (or whatever) in their own way. One of the many things on my list was that I would take more photographs. So, what is the point unless I am sharing them somewhere?

Las Vegas in the sun.

Cannon Beach, Oregon

The ceiling of the Spice Bazaar in Istanbul. What I loved most.

A most memorable meal. Borjomi, Georgia.

Multnomah Falls, Oregon.

Summer flowers. 

Cat in the Middle East-shameless.

A sign we all know.

Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland. Magic.

Adjaruli khatchapuri-a dish from the husband’s state.

Ah Africa!!!

Tango? Passion?

A tapir swimming in the wild! Costa Rica.

City at night.

Family. East Africa

Well, there you have it. A 15 photos-15 small slices of my life. I took all of these photos myself in the last few years and am so glad to have them as a reminder of all the amazing things I have done. It can be easy to forgot with life keeping us so busy and time flying! I will do my best to keep ’em coming!


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