A rough few weeks…


Just when things appear to be going well…something happens. In my case it was a few somethings! The last few weeks have been hectic so I have not had time to write. I started my new job and everything seems great so far. The learning curve is steep but seems to be going alright. The not so great part is that my commute is an extra half hour compared to my last job but I have been dealing with it.

The other issue has been my parents. When you are young your parents take care of you and guide you and bail you out of your mistakes (to the best of their ability). Lately, it seems the roles have reversed. Both my parents have had major issues in the last few weeks that my siblings and I have been trying to help them with. Both refuse to get help for their issues and deny they have any sort of problems although we all know it is not the case. It has been very stressful and often awkward. I do not want to get into it in detail as it is just a bit too personal. All I can say is that I had a rough few weeks because of them (primarily) and it is finally settling down a bit but only for now. All I can say is that I am thankful I am not an only child. The assistance of my siblings has been a blessing.

In the last while we also celebrated Halloween. It was the first such holiday for my foreign husband and he ended up enjoying it although he was a bit reluctant at first. We carved pumpkins, went to a large local Halloween party, decorated the home, gave out candy, dressed in costumes, listened to scary music, and watched scary movies for a week. All in all, despite other things going on in the family, it was a success. My husband now puts it on the list as something to look forward to for next year as well as a plus for this country! Finally, we are getting some points!

Alright, I know this was not a great post but am drained and do not want to reflect on the last few weeks further. Hopefully the next time I check in, things will be looking up.


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