Employment progress…


I have mentioned and complained about my job a little on this blog but not too much. In general I try to avoid writing about work as most of this year has been all about my personal life and for the first time in a long time I am not enjoying my work. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am bored to death at work. I am in the most unchallenging and unfulfilling role that I have ever had. This was unexpected as the job was a huge step up from my previous positions and sounded exciting. The reality turned out to be that it has been a mind numbingly dull half year. In the summer, I started to look for other roles but it was not looking so great out there as decent positions were limited. I decided to focus on helping my husband find better jobs and see what would come up for me in autumn.

Well, good news! I have accepted an even better role at a new organization and I start on Monday. I can only hope that this role will be much better than the last. The organization’s mission definitely appeals to me much more. The position is also my first official management position and includes a great salary, only 4 of 5 work days, benefits in 3 months for me and the spouse, as well as a very high vacation pay. As you can guess, this is a contract position so I plan to try it out for a year and see what happens.

As for an update on my husband’s employment situation, he also recently started a new position at a bakery with the best pay he has had yet in this country. So, it seems like success all around for us. I suppose the next step will be to work on managing our finances better-but that can wait for another post.


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