Where is the time going?


Today is the last day of September. I am not sure where the month went but it is gone! This makes me realize I need to slow down and smell the roses or my life will pass me by. September and October are my favourite months but somehow September passed by without me being able to truly enjoy it so I will have to make an extra effort in October! I do not have any deep reflections today but do want to report that one of the things my counsellor suggested at my first appointment is that I need to up the self care in order to avoid burn out and insanity (ha ha ha).

Self care means something different to everyone, of course. The items I would list in self care and/or taking a moment for myself include the following and are things I will need to make an effort to do more of in October and November:

  • taking the dog for a walk on a nice trail
  • reading a book undisturbed
  • cooking
  • socializing with friends
  • bowling, golfing, hiking or some fun activity with my spouse
  • taking a long hot bath
  • reading my monthly horoscope (guilty pleasure!)
  • writing
  • listening to music and singing along
  • being a tourist locally or internationally
  • going out for a special dinner
  • trying new things
  • getting into the holiday spirit (all kinds of holidays not just Christmas)
  • enjoying a coffee with something sweet
  • watching the rain
  • cuddling
  • and much more

I created this quick list so I can try to incorporate two or three of these enjoyable things into my week each week. I also think I need to slow down and be more aware of the things I enjoy. There is so much that is taken for granted when it should be celebrated or at least appreciated. I think the key to happiness, as I was telling my depressed sister yesterday, is working with what you got and making the most of it. My husband has commented several times he feels people in this country are depressed (not all of them but a lot) and that they do not enjoy their lives despite having it all. What can I say? He is right in some ways from his perspective. One thing that attracted me to him originally was his joie de vivre. I have seen this change since he moved here but his country’s culture allows more freedom to live in this manner than mine does. What can you do? I hope we can reach a happy medium at some point as I enjoyed my lifestyle in Georgia as well.

Anyways, the quote “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,” by Robert Herrick comes to mind at this point. I know that if we do not, we will look back later and have regrets we let life slip by.


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