Tea for five!

This is a three layer coconut and cream cheese icing cake!

This is a three layer coconut and cream cheese icing cake!

Yesterday my husband and I attended a local diversity fair. It was wonderful to watch the Flags of our Nation parade in which citizens of our community carried flags representing their original homelands. The diversity was incredible and unexpected! I was proud to see my own homeland (dhols and all) represented but I was even more proud that I live in such a fabulous place where we have so much exposure to other cultures.  The learning opportunities we have are endless and I will do my best to further take advantage of them. My husband was also impressed as in Georgia it is rare to come across people from other cultures-at least until recently. I asked him if he was happy he was a part of it all and he assured me he was. His flag was missing, however, so we made a pact to include it for next year. The other great thing about the diversity festival was the fabulous food! The food has inspired me to get back in the kitchen.

In the middle of icing...not much to look at but it is delicious! I used my fancy handmade Istanbul plate to display it on.

In the middle of icing…not much to look at but it is delicious! I used my fancy handmade Istanbul plate to display it on.

I reviewed my list and noticed I have yet to bake a special cake. The one I chose is Italian Cream Cake. My sister has made this in the past for my other sister’s baby shower and it is delicious! She did complain it tends to take quite awhile, however, but today I was up to the challenge. This afternoon I picked up the ingredients and started baking! In order to further enjoy the cake, I invited a few friends to drop by and share. Luckily, they were available.

All set for tea!

All set for tea!

I decided to take the extra step and set up a simple but special tea for the ladies and we spent a few hours catching up. It is always interesting to hear in more detail about how we all feel about our lives and what we are going through on a day to day basis. I love to listen to the plans others have made as well. It is in the small details of life that you really get to know one another and keep your connections strong. I know I am making an effort to be more positive as well as making an effort to celebrate the smaller things. Making this tea a bit more personal and special by including flowers and candles was rewarding for me rather than just meeting at a local franchise cafe to chat for an hour in uncomfortable chairs. Now the day is done, dishes are washed, and tomorrow is Monday. Back to business! But, am glad I took a little time out to make my day-and theirs-a bit more special.


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