Scathing to loving…


I actually wrote this last week but am posting it now: I was going to write a scathing post today but some unexpected cuddling changed my mind and I slipped quietly away from the dark side. Later as I showered in almost scathing hot water I felt great pleasure and appreciation for the special soap I was using. It smells delicious and has tiny grains that scratch and exfoliate the skin in a subtle manner. I came across the soap by accident. In that moment, I truly appreciated it. It leads me to think of all the other small and large things that I am taking for granted.

One of the things on my list is to keep positive despite the challenges coming up. Keeping positive can be a challenge when the challenges never seem to end. I knew this year would be hard (the immigrant adjustment experience and all) but not in the way it has turned out to be hard. The challenges I expected are easy enough to deal with. It has been the unexpected challenges that have really thrown me for a loop. In all this, it is easy to lose sight of the small things that make life worth all the challenges. So, today, instead of my scathing post, I want to take some time to appreciate the small things. Here are a few of them:

September-this is one of my favourite months! The air seems to already have changed a little and there is a sense of renewal. This is when I like to consider my goals for the year rather than January.

Driving your own car-I recently had to drive my husband’s car for a few days as mine ran out of insurance. When I got back into mine, it was like coming home. I also found my IPOD again and listening to my favourite songs on the way to work changed my daily outlook.

AM talk radio-on the other hand, I also appreciate talk radio which only seems to work in my car! I love to listen to Dr. Joy Browne-radio psychologist- and, surprisingly, a few Christian radio station programs.  I say surprisingly as I am not Christian and had expected a lot more preaching but many segments can be quite motivational, deep, and positive which is a nice change from the superficiality of many other stations and some music.

Coffee with something sweet-Almost every day at work I take time to make myself a cup of coffee. Enjoying a cup (and some days with something sweet) really is comforting. Having worked in a coffee roasting company in the past I learned a lot about coffee and the long journey before it makes it into our cups. Issues around farming and fair trade have always been of interest to me.

Mom-Since getting married I have grown sooooo much closer to my mother. I appreciate the sacrifices she has made for me and my siblings. I was never able to see them in the past (in some ways) but now they are clear to me in a big way. Her support and love towards my husband has also been a beautiful thing to watch as it is an extension of her love towards me.  She is truly a beautiful person who has inspired me in ways I did not expect.

Change and growth in the husband-I have watched my husband struggle this last half year and at times fight change. The last while we have had some tough days and I see the growth and change in him which I am thankful for. Accepting new cultures can be difficult and seeing him finally open his heart to this country has been fabulous as it will help him in his adjustment journey. Still have a long way to go, however!

A friendly chat with a co-worker-I have not been enjoying my job as you can tell from prior posts although the last month or so has been much better. Recently some new and friendly staff have been hired and I have been enjoying getting to know them. A break in the day is something I appreciate anew.

Meeting up with an old friend-Last night I went out to dinner with a friend I have only seen once since the arrival of my husband. Catching up and connecting again was fantastic. We have a long shared history and I know, despite not always having the time, we will always be close. I have 3-4 other close girl friends who I also appreciate greatly.

Watching the dog do something normal and cute-Animals can bring such pleasure. The other day I was watching my dog sleep in the sun. She must have been dreaming based on some of the motions she was making. I could not take my eyes off her until she woke up a short while later. The love one can feel for a pet is incredible. I know in many times of stress I have turned to my dog for comfort and support. Not once have I been disappointed.

So, there you have it: a list of everyday things that bring me joy. The trick is to remember to take time to enjoy all of this wonderfulness and not get caught up in all the drama along the way. Next time I am feeling only negative, I will have to revisit this post (although sometimes it is nice and even therapeutic to take a full day to wallow in misery-but that is another post). Ciao for now.


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