When you are a kid, your sister or brother can be your best friend or your worst enemy. As you grow up, the relationships seem to only get more complicated. You hope to have rewarding and fulfilling relationships with your siblings but they can also wreak havoc and be toxic. I have 4 siblings and it can often get complicated! In the last while, my relationships have changed drastically with all of my siblings. I moved away to a foreign country, fell in love, got married, and then brought my partner over to join the family. The major changes in my life and self are things they are still getting used to-understandably.

When you get married, things change and this can be hard to accept for those around you. I remember feeling a sense of loss when my oldest sister got married for the second time. I felt she was going to really move apart from our family structure and start her own family which would change everything.  This feeling of mine quickly passed (selfish as it was!) and I realized I gained more family members who have enriched our family greatly. Her two children are a true delight and pleasure. This realization came very quickly but I recall a short passing sense of loss for a few moments.

Since I have married someone from another country, there is always a sense of fear in my family I may move off to Georgia permanently. Although in some ways I would love to (and probably will at some point for a period of time) we, as a couple, decided to start our life here. I was lucky enough to be able to bring someone into the family physically rather than leaving it physically. My siblings have had different reactions to this sudden change (I got married within a year of first meeting my partner!) and it has been difficult and awkward at times for my siblings but they have also been incredibly supportive.

There is nothing like a sister or brother’s support during a challenging time. In the last few years, as a close knit family, it has been interesting to see all of us grow up and change and struggle with the challenges life throws at us-and there have been a lot! Siblings can be brutally honest in a way friends and acquaintances may hesitate to be. This is great at times but also can be hurtful.

Regardless of all the fights, drama, emotions, and craziness in my life as well as the lives of my siblings, I know, in the end, that we all care for each other deeply and will come through for each other. (And I have always said we would have THE BEST reality tv show-but none of us would be willing to air our lives!!!) Currently, all of us seem to be at tough crossroads of one form or another. In this stressful year, I know I could have been more considerate several times but was overwhelmed with my own issues. Now, at this quieter time, I am reflecting and hope to treat my siblings much better and with more kindness.  They truly are my best friends, after all, and bound to me by DNA!


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