Tick tock tick tock


First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage! I recently celebrated my 1 year anniversary. Sometimes this blows me away. This last year has gone by very fast and has been full of challenges, excitement, emotions, and much more. Those who say that first year of marriage is the hardest….I believe them! There were a few moments I thought one of us was going to throw in the towel. On the other hand, we have both accomplished an incredible amount together and overcome enormous obstacles together in the last year. Considering that, I think we can survive almost anything-almost! There are a few things that are absolutely off limits.

Anyways, I am not interested in rewriting our great love story…I have recently been thinking of what comes next. I am in no rush, of course, and we have all kinds of other priorities to work on but am aware of a quiet biological clock ticking somewhere in the background. My mother had me in her early 30’s and my sister had her first child after 35. None of my friends yet have children and I never had a particular desire to have them but thoughts have been coming to me lately.

Seeing my sister-definitely not a maternal type-have children and the affect it has had on her has been interesting. My relationship with my sweet nephew and niece has also been very rewarding. At this point, I am far from ready but then again when is anyone ready? Is there ever really a good time in one’s career or financial life or personal life or marriage? Now, I am not jumping in this year but it is definitely a possibility in the next few. There you have it-a scary admission for me! However, this love in my life-with the good, bad, ugly, and more-has definitely inspired me to consider possibilities I never would have a few years ago. Definite growth.


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