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The vacation is over and back to reality. Not a terrible thing! Coming home is always nice. Places far away are great but I find I always appreciate home when I return after all of my journeys.  One of the pleasures of vacations is having a more leisurely pace of life. Waking up naturally is a wonderful thing and such a luxury in the west where time and deadlines and expectations dictate so much. Not having to worry about time while on vacation, I also enjoyed reading leisurely. I have already made a visit to the local library to return my previous books and collect the next batch.

Reading 15 novels is on my list of 30. This will be no problem at all as I am an avid reader. I like to go to the library-a place where I feel a sense of community-and browse through the random shelves picking up whatever catches my interest. I have come across many a masterpiece this way!

In the last while I have read the books below. I do not wish to review them on this blog. I never liked the concept of reviews as each person will feel differently about a book. Of course, some books will always be better than others but I like to see for myself. I will, however, make a note or two about the content. Here it goes:

1). Waiting for Columbus by Thomas Trofimuk. I rather enjoyed this book. The going back in forth in time helped keep my attention as I tend to be drawn to books that take place in the past.  It takes place in a mental institute (and sometimes the mind of a patient) and also takes into account the perspective of a nurse who works there as well as a private investigator who is tracking down the patient. In a previous post I used a quote from this book. I hope I never experience an event traumatic enough that it leads me to begin to disassociate!!

2). The Blue Notebook by James A. Levine. This book is about a child prostitute in Mumbai. The author is donating some of his proceeds to charity which is fantastic and was inspired to write the book, I believe, after seeing a young prostitute writing outside of her quarters. I could not help but be reminded how vulnerable prostitutes are and how many of us turn a blind eye to vulnerable populations. In Georgia, I had opportunity to learn about the lives of prostitutes there. Many come from Kazakhstan to work for the summer. Knowing Russian is helpful in communicating with locals. Georgian prostitutes, in turn, often learn a smattering of Turkish to attract Turkish clients who can afford steeper rates. I could go on about prostitutes but will save it for another post.

3). The Fates will Find Their Way by Hannah Pittard. This book focuses on a neighbourhood in which a teenage girl went missing. As a woman who comes from a family of women, it was interesting to me that the book was generally from the perspective of the neighbourhood boys. It brought to my mind also the small town America theme. Most of the characters grew up and stayed in their neighbourhood as adults. I find the concept of neighbours and relationships between them always interesting as I grew up in a place where we did not really have them as homes were very far apart and a relationship did not exist. Imagining knowing the people who live on your street your whole life and seeing them grow and change over the years (from a close distance) must be fascinating. An interesting dynamic-being close but far at the same time (depending upon the relationship). As for the theme of the missing-this is also interesting. How it affects those left behind and the mystery of what happened… it can be sad. Recently, I have been watching all kinds of murder shows and missing person shows on television. One program outlines how psychics help find the missing. Very interesting. Anyways, I would recommend this novel. Unfortunately, the author has been affected by a missing loved one on a personal level.

That’s it for now.

I do not believe anyone is reading this blog at this point but it is not a problem 🙂


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