An escape…


Verbena.  This is the soap, lotion, and shampoo in my hotel this time. Lavender was the last one. Verbena is the best yet and something I would want for home actually.  It seems hotels are improving these small extras which is nice. Most still have a long way to go, however-especially the shampoos that always leave my hair dry despite the conditioner (maybe the conditioner is the bigger problem!).

So, a few days ago, in need of a desperate break from work, my husband and I asked for a few days off, got in our cars and started driving. A totally unplanned trip is rather exciting. Driving through nearby states was the obvious choice but we decided to take a path less ordinary and try out places we would not normally think to go. It has been an interesting journey so far. We have passed through deserts, mountains, and plains. It is amazing how diverse the land can be only a few hours down the road.

The Desert


Of all, I am most drawn to the mountains. The greenery and rivers can be breathtaking. Deserts and plains have their own sort of beauty and at times can be spectacular but deserts especially can also be harsh and ugly. Living in Nevada would be my personal nightmare. The mountains, however, were a delight. Trees are so comforting.

Beautiful Mountains

The husband and I have not driven each other crazy during the long stretches of driving despite not bringing along loads of our favourite music. Our newly acquired road trip tips so far are as follows:

  1. Do not over plan-most of the fun is finding the random and unexpected (but a GPS is very handy to find all kinds of things)
  2. Stopping for water, snacks, and gas makes the long stretches easier rather than saving these stops for when you start or finish for the day
  3. Choosing less obvious routes often leads to less traffic and gives a glimpse into the real USA
  4. Admire the simple things along the way (the wind farm was a great stop)
  5. Take photos-they are appreciated later and make you realize how much you have done during the trip
  6. Once you are in your town for the day, find a cafe with wifi and book your hotel online-it tends to be cheaper than walking in and road trips are all about keeping it going on the cheap
  7. Choose your road trip partner wisely-it can easily get tense spending so much time with one person
  8. Learn something new everywhere you go
  9. Find someone driving a decent speed and drive behind them. Sometimes it feels you are driving 20 on those endless stretches but your actually driving 120
  10. Make sure you have air conditioning, heating, and bring a blanket (we would have burnt up in the desert without air and one night had to sleep in the car for 3 hours while we waited for a road to open up-the blanket was a blessing and was great for picnics).

Lots of more driving to go!



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