I am 30 now (well soon!)


When I was 15, I thought being 30 would be fantastic. I thought 30 was around the time when your life has hit an amazing peak. Great job, great husband, great car, maybe a young child, a beautiful house, and so much to look forward to yet. Well, next week I will be 30 and I am oh so far from what I had imagined at 15. In fact, what I imagined at 15 would actually be what I now consider a nightmare!!!!!!

As my 30th birthday approaches, I have decided I will start a blog (hence this blog!). I hope I will keep it up for the whole year and maybe even longer. I have always written a journal but recently stopped-and since then have found myself losing all kinds of control (due to stopping writing perhaps? or maybe some of the mad changes I have had the last year?). Well, obvious people would tell me to take it up again…but I find that all that writing I was doing-all those emotions pumped out into those books was only benefiting me. A public blog, however, can benefit others. Not that I think I have all kinds of wonderful bits of wisdom to offer but by putting something out into the world rather than into my notebooks which end up at the bottom of my closet, perhaps this is the way of this new century (which I am obviously just catching up to now). So, here it is. My blog!!!!



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