A ‘grown ass woman’


I had a friend once who described someone as a ‘grown ass woman’. I know this is now me even though sometimes I still find myself in a state of shock about it. How did the time creep up on me so fast? Not that I think 30 is terribly old or anything. I just cannot believe that I have reached this respectable number. We all know respectable numbers come with certain expectations.

I am trying to keep these expectations a bit more in mind this year. Part of starting a blog is to keep myself on track with things I want to accomplish this year. So, I have made a list of 30 things for me to think of, do, try etc. I will note them all here and make sure to write a post on each of them. Now, these are not big giant life changing goals but just a few things to enhance this year as I go about the daily grind.

Now, I mentioned last time I had unrealistic ideas of where my life would go when I was 15-and they are definitely not where I would want to be now. But, where I am right now is not exactly a dream either! The last two years have been mad (in a good way). This year, I am aware is a transition year (aka settling down and preparing for events to come) and for me that equals MAJOR CHALLENGE as I have never been a settle down type of gal in the past. So, knowing this year is not my ideal year but also a milestone year, I am going to ensure I do these 30 things to keep things a bit lighter.

So, here they are:

  1. Read 15 novels (this will be a piece of cake as I am an avid reader!)
  2. Make a cake! (a type that has not been attempted in the past)
  3. Take a vacation or go on a trip (an obvious priority)
  4. Start or take steps to start own business (already got my partners picked out but lots of prep to do!!!)
  5. Visit the capital city
  6. Boating…
  7. Try to take more photographs
  8. Keep up this blog
  9. Learn to cook one new fabulous thing
  10. Have my own Christmas tree for the first time
  11. Choose 2 new charitable causes to contribute to
  12. Put some effort into the look of the home
  13. Celebrate Halloween properly: pumpkin carving, costume, ghost train
  14. See an unknown part of my country
  15. Get in awesome financial shape ( I already made a chart )
  16. Obtain a perfume that I actually like
  17. Get a breadmaker and make that homemade onion bread!
  18. Make sure New Year’s Eve is a decent night (I have only had 1 decent one so far)
  19. Buy 5 decent new clothing items for work (I have the worst wardrobe and I know it!)
  20. Support the immigrant husband through his transition time to the best of my ability-this one entails A LOT
  21. Buy a coffee table
  22. Celebrate the small stuff more often
  23. Visit a ski resort
  24. Connect with the loved ones more often
  25. Master a dish from my husband’s country
  26. Visit a wine region
  27. Go to the gym more this year-for the whole year and not just a month or two
  28. Play blackjack and win 🙂
  29. Hang out with nephew and niece-even if it means going to Florida again.
  30. Always try to keep positive despite the challenges coming up. Improve and plan for the big changes that are coming up.

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